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1. Pre-Production

This is where is all begins… the creation of a great idea, which will blow our clients away. We may be working from a concept or seed of an idea, or given full creative freedom to come up with a proposal from scratch… Whatever it may be you can be sure your project is in great hands (and minds) from the very start.

Concept Development, Research, Treatments, Budgeting, Recce, Auditions, Script Writing, Story-boarding, Planning, Permits, H&S, Logistics and Scheduling.

2. Production

Once the concept is complete it’s time to bring the ideas and vision to life on screen. Luckily we’re extremely experienced in delivering unforgettable production experiences for our clients, utilising the very best in production crew and equipment to exceed expectations!

Production Crews, Filming, HD & 4K (UHD), Timelapse Sequences, Aerial Filming, Steadicams, Gimbals, Jibs, GreenScreen, Autocue, Live Broadcast, 3D Filming, Photography, Studio Hire and Voice-Overs

3. Post Production

At this point we start seeing all the hard work, attention to detail and long hours coming together, as the final film starts taking shape. Many people say you can make or break a film in the edit, and we tend to agree.

Digitising, Editing, Sound Design, Colour Grading, Motion Graphics, Animation, 3D Design, Transcribing, Compositing, Subtitling, Translating, Quality Control and Digital Mastering.